Company profile

Today we are feeling so proud, as we have successfully launched a Kids Safety Watch, which will secure children from the several crimes like kidnapping, human trafficking and many other flagrant crimes. These crimes are increasing day by day, and is becoming a serious matter of worry for the parents, schools and society.

So on 4-April-2016, we raised our first step towards the child safety and worked on it. Finally we got the success on 7-May-2016. We gave the name to this success as a (god) Ishwar, who cares about everyone. The second name of god is OSBERT. So on 24-June-2016 we formed the company “Osbert Technologies Pvt. Ltd.” which is in front of you all today.

As it’s the matter of Child Safety & security we have worked on this Kids safety device for around 2 years and have invested heavily in R&D. This Kids safety watch is completely safe, secure and economic to the society and environment.

This child safety device is customised by an Indian company, which will always keep children close to their parents and the result of using this child safety device the schools will also get free from some of their responsibilities related to child safety.

So give the Osbert child safety watch to your children today.